This is how we’re wired

Understanding value changes everything because it empowers our clients to make the right decisions with confidence. The Copperleaf vision is transforming how the world sees value, and we’ve always been clear about what we value most—people. People set our company apart, and culture is what powers our success and makes people want to be part of what we’re building. We define culture as the way we think, act and interact. It underpins everything and connects us to one another.

As a team, we’re inspired and driven every day by our purpose and vision. We’re helping organizations make value-based investment decisions not only to drive financial gains, but also to meet environmental targets, achieve societal and community objectives, and contribute to the greater good. We help businesses invest their resources confidently and appropriately to meet future demands related to the energy transition, climate resilience, and other pressing global challenges that impact all of us.

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By incorporating environmental and social criteria into investment decision making, we’re helping organizations build resilient, successful businesses that create long-term value for both people and the planet.”

The Copperleaf Culture
in practice

At Copperleaf, culture isn’t just a bunch of words on paper. It’s at the very core of who we are and what we do. Our success is powered by our intentional focus on culture—developed through a process of co-creation and lived every day, by everyone. Through teamwork, we’re able to deliver exceptional value and extraordinary experiences to our clients.

Copperleafers embrace seven tenets of culture and mutual respect:

Exceptional Value Diamond
Deliver Exceptional Value
We strive to make it easy for clients to unlock maximum value through simple, intuitive solutions.
ExtraorinaryExperiences Rocket
Provide Extraordinary Experiences
The trust we build and the honesty we show help to maintain momentum and grow loyalty. Simply put: we care.
BeOpen Bird
Be Open
Diversity of thought moves the world forward; respect for that is part of who we are at Copperleaf.
Agile Panther
Be Agile
By thinking ahead, preparing, iterating, and engaging proactively as priorities shift, we improve outcomes for stakeholders.
Respect Heart
Be Respectful
Through respect and treating others with kindness, we create a market-leading company that cares about the world.
Joy Unicorn
Create Joy
We nurture a flexible work environment, infusing joy into our daily interactions with our team and beyond.
Improve Lightbulb
Always Improve
We push one another to reach our true potential, because you can’t build a great company on a foundation of mediocrity.

Diversity, equity
and inclusion

Our team spans 16 countries, and the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion play a vital role in our growth strategy. According to the HR Tech Group’s diversity benchmarking survey, Copperleaf ranks above industry average across all under-represented groups, including women, non-binary, Indigenous, visible minorities, LGBTQ2S+, and individuals with disability.

Veza Global conducted a diversity audit to analyze Copperleaf’s practices, awarding an “EDI Champion” designation, noting that “Copperleaf has integrated diversity and inclusion into its core values and is representative of best practices in its industry.”

Giving back,
doing what’s right

At Copperleaf, giving back to our local communities and being good global citizens is an inherent part our culture. It also speaks to our time-tested purpose of building a better world, one decision at a time.

The Copperleaf Random Acts of Delight (RAD) initiative allows our people to get involved and support causes close to our hearts. During the pandemic, RAD participants provided much-needed community support and helped clean up local neighborhoods.

Our Green Team has a mission to minimize Copperleaf’s environmental footprint, helping us all make more responsible choices through initiatives that promote awareness, participation, and behavioral change. We have committed to a goal of maintaining carbon neutrality as a company, and we work in buildings that have earned LEED Platinum status.

Through our participation in the Digital Lift Internship program, we’re helping underrepresented groups, including Indigenous Peoples, women, rural youth, and transitioning workers, gain the knowledge and skills for a career in the tech sector.

These are just some of the things that contribute to the reasons Copperleafers love working here.
And we love having them.